Connect to Win

Connect to Win

During the IPA Conference, you will be able to participate in "Connect to Win" and have an opportunity to win cash!

How Do I Play?

You can receive points for completing the different actions listed below.  To start, just complete your profile with in the app and you get an instant 15 pts.  Some of the actions require that you scan QR codes that correspond with the achievement listed below.  Each Exhibitor will have a QR code that you can scan for points, our  sponsor booths are worth more points.  (Please be sure to thank our Sponsors and Exhibitors for their support of IPA!)  Not all sponsors listed have a booth.  To find sponsors, click on the sponsors tab in the app, they will be listed by their level and will have a booth # associated with their company name if they are an exhibitor.  Send a tweet through the Conference App for points - be sure to include #ipafc16  To scan the QR codes, go to the Scanner in the IPA 2016 App.

Achievements and Value


Cash prizes will be given to the top ten point getters.  Check out the Leaderboard on the home page to see everyone's scores in real time.

First Prize - $350
Second Prize - $250
Third Prize - $200
Fourth Prize - $175
Fifth Prize - $150
Sixth Prize - $125
Seventh Prize - $100
Eighth Prize - $75
Ninth Prize - $50
Tenth Prize - $25

Prizes will be awarded at the Third General Session on Tuesday, October 18 from 11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in Room B11 of the Prairie Capital Convention Center.

Exhibitors are not eligible for cash prizes.